Cable TV

Comcast Cable / Xfinity CH: 79

All homes subscribing to Comcast Cable can watch AAT TV without the need to upgrade or pay additional subscriber costs. AAT TV is carried on Comcast Cable as Digital Broadcaster on CH:79.

Older analog TVs will need a cable box from Comcast Cable in order to watch digital channels. Newer LCD TVs or TVs with a digital cable tuner (QAM) can watch AAT TV on CH:46.1. Make sure to conduct a channel scan, or also known as channel add, in order to have reception to the channel.

Click! Cable TV CH:24

Subscribers need a cable box from Click! Cable TV to watch the digital channels.

Over the Air DTV

What is Digital Television (DTV)?
DTV, also known as Digital Television or High Definition TV (HDTV), is a mandated conversion for all television broadcasters in the United States. Congress made February 17, 2009, the final date to end all over-the-air analog broadcasts. All over-the-air viewers must have a digital television set or converter box in order to watch television.

What is Over-The-Air (OTA) Programming?
Over-the-air refers to programming broadcasts via public airwaves. This means any program you currently watch by means of an antenna, as opposed to a cable system or satellite dish). This may include affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WB, PBS and independent local broadcasters. Some programming is only offered over the air.

What Do I Need To Receive AAT TV Programming on DTV?
All you need is a digital television / HD set with a built-in ATSC tuner. For older/analog television sets, an ATSC digital-to-analog set-top converter box is required. Similarly both digital and analog TV sets need an external antenna to receive programming.

How will I know if my specific TV model is compatible?
If you purchased your analog TV before 2004, it will require the addition of a converter box to receive and display DTV signals.

Beginning in 2006, there was an increase in the number of digital-tuner equipped TVs introduced to the marketplace. These TVs will not be affected by the pending changes.

Any set sold under the classifications “HD-Ready” or “HDTV Monitor” does not include a built-in ATSC tuner to receive digital TV signals. These sets require the addition of an HD source (ATSC over-the-air receiver with antenna, or a cable or satellite receiver that is capable of high-definition output) to deliver a true HDTV picture.

Sets sold as “EDTV” or “SDTV” may have the capacity to receive HDTV signals, but can only display such content at a reduced resolution. Recently, the FCC begun requiring, on a phased-in basis, that larger TVs with analog tuners also be marketed with built-in or separate ATSC tuners. Smaller TVs will follow in later phases. The newer the TV is, the less chance your TV will not be affected.