AAT TV is the only local 24/7 Multi-Asian television broadcaster in Washington State, This television network serves one of the largest Asian markets in the U.S. with over $16.8 billion dollars in annual purchasing power. By large, Asian-Americans in the Washington State are among the most attractive consumers with a higher median income, financial stability and willing to try products/services than any other ethnic group. The Northwest is home to 481,000+ Asian-Americans and AAT TV is the ONLY local Asian TV station & media outlet that connects them to Asian television 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year!

Join the many successful corporate and local business that advertise on AAT TV. You will increase your company’s sales.

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Why Advertising In Asian TV Is Vital?

Native Language Spoken at Home 
Over 75% of Asian-Americans living in the Seattle DMA/Puget Sound Region communicate in their native language at home. A majority of the residents are 1st and 2nd generations Asians who prefer to communicate in their own native language at home.

Over 3/4 of Asians are Foreign Born & Prefer Asian-Language TV
Over three quarters of Seattle/Puget Sound Region Asians were not born in the U.S. Due to the new arrival of immigrants, the demand for Asian-language media continues to grow. For most Asians in the region, our Asian-language TV is the primary source for news and entertainment.

Target Audience
Mainstream media covers a wide and broad audience; however if your business would like to target the Asian marketdirectly AAT TV is the perfect place to do so. Only AAT TV can target the most affluent local Asian groups in Washington State by television media reaching a population area of approximately 3 million people.